The 4 Major Benefits of Working with Private Lenders

As traditional lending channels raise loan requirements and processing times for small business owners, entrepreneurs are looking for accessible and affordable funding solutions. Since some businesses require a funding strategy that doesn’t fit into the traditional loan model, entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits of working with a private lender.

A Private Lender Understands Small Business Owners

A private lender is someone who is in-tune with the needs of small business owners. Many private lenders started out as entrepreneurs who transitioned into the finance arena to better serve the needs of small business owners. They understand the struggles of finding startup capital, growth funding, and the pains of receiving loan turndowns from traditional lending channels.

Private Lenders Listen

Because private lenders have roots in small businesses, they are likely to understand more of the specific needs of businesses across various industries. While traditional lending channels try to funnel small business owners into a “one size fits all” loan, private lenders can offer customized solutions that are tailored to the size and scope of the needs of entrepreneurs to help them reach their goals.

Loans Aren’t Always the Answer

Businesses often feel pressured to take out traditional loans because they may not be aware of any other alternatives. Private lenders offer a wide range of solutions, some of which don’t place any debt on the books. Merchant cash advances offer a great source of working capital and flexible repayment methods. Equipment leasing is a very affordable way to get the tools and machinery your business needs without paying lots of money upfront. There are even unsecured business lines of credit designed specifically for startups and small businesses that don’t require any collateral.

Private Lenders Give You More Control

Traditional lenders really only offer one financing solution – loans. Private lenders offer a wide range of solutions and work with you so you have a say in how your business is funded. You have more control over your business finances when you work with a private lender, because unlike large traditional lending channels, the success of a private lender is tied to how successful your business is.

Nanaki Capital provides a wide range of funding solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our team has roots in the private sector and we understand the challenges facing small business owners today. Contact our offices and get the financing your business needs from the people who understand your business.

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