Being a Good Neighbor to Those on the Frontlines and in the Homefront

Every day, we are all being asked to serve our families and communities. Just maintaining the daily routine in these challenging times is a great achievement. For businesses to continue to provide services and goods is a great achievement, and we want to give you all our heartfelt thanks.

To the Families and Communities

Being a good neighbor and family member can be challenging right now. Not only are people everywhere pitching in to check up on neighbors and loved ones, but they are doing it responsibly with social distancing. We know that can be tough when everyone is used to social gathering, warm embraces, and smiles that aren’t hidden by face masks. Throughout it all, you have looked out for each other, and in a way, the challenges we are facing today are making us more aware of the needs of others in our communities, and bringing us closer through support and care for one another.

To Those on the Frontlines

You are the ones keeping us safe and the ones who are saving lives. You are the ones providing the information and guidance we all look to as we make plans for the future. From medical equipment suppliers to the healthcare professionals in the ER room, you are the heroes who stepped up when no one else knew what to do. Now and after this period in our history passes, you will be looked to as heroes.

To the Businesses

Small business owners learned the meaning of adaptability during these challenging times. From small stores that moved their operations online to restaurants that switched to delivery-only, you are providing the goods and services your communities need to go about their daily lives. You are also maintaining a bond with people in your neighborhoods, and while they may not be able to walk in the door or sit down and chat, they rely on your place of business every single day, and that is a reminder that we can make it through these challenges.

At Nanaki Capital, we provide solutions to small businesses so communities than thrive in both good and challenging times. From all of us to all of you, thank you for all you’ve done, and all you continue to do.

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