Businesses: Giving Back Is the Best Brand Strategy

Businesses spend large sums to plaster their products and services on social media, television, print ads, billboards, and through other media platforms. The truth is that people are more credulous about purchases these days, and have the means to research what a business does beyond selling things. The best way businesses can get noticed and build a loyal client base is by giving back on a local, national, and even global scale.

Mentoring Programs

Business owners are frequently advised to join mentoring programs to get guidance on how to be successful. The best way to celebrate those successes is by giving back and mentoring others. Mentoring doesn’t have to be solely on an entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur basis. Teach others about your industry, management skills, or anything else to help uplift existing and emerging professionals to build a better and more diverse workforce.


Charity work and donations are much more than tax write-offs. Partnering with charities shows that your business believes in bigger causes. Charity work doesn’t even have to be a major or even an existing cause. Look around you. If you see a deficiency or organization in your community that you would like to support, rally your employees and make an event to build up public interest. Something as simple as putting together a miniature golfing tournament and getting sponsors so proceeds goes to a charity can incorporate fun and giving.

Community Service

Many small businesses perform community service on a monthly or even weekly basis. Entire offices will gather together to clean public parks, set up car washing stations, help at managed care homes, join big brother and big sister programs, and more in order to perform positive community service. Community service events not only improve the world by acting locally but they also indirectly serve as great bonding and team-building exercises.

When businesses give back, people notice and are more willing to align themselves with and make purchases from those companies that participate in the greater good than those that focus solely on sales.

Nanaki Capital is committed to giving back to people and communities, and we enjoy funding businesses who share in our belief. From participating in community organizations, charities, and nonprofits, to volunteer work, we believe businesses in all industries can make the world a brighter place for many years to come.

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