SBA Lending: Easy as Pie

New and small business owners need a funding solution that will not only provide the financing they need, but entrepreneurs need a solution provider that understands the various requirements of entrepreneurs. Small business loans offered through traditional lending channels often delay processing and access to capital, but there is a simple way to find SBA lending tailored to your business.

Not All SBA Lending Methods Are the Same

The Small Business Administration sets the guidelines for SBA loans, but not all SBA lenders are the same. Traditional lending channels and financial institutions have their own processes. The “chain of command” process means SBA loans can often be held up by reviews that pass between departments – or even bank branches in different locations – before a decision is made. SBA lending of this sort places a barrier between entrepreneurs and the funding they need. On the other side of the coin, SBA loans offered by private lenders that have the endorsement of the Small Business Administration can be processed much more efficiently without any of the unnecessary red tape.

The Advantages of Using a Private Lender for SBA Loans

Banks understand banking and investment, however, they are far removed from the private sector. Traditional lending channels do not understand the details of running a small business, nor the need for funding to access equipment, working capital, real estate, and more. Private lenders have deep roots in entrepreneurship. Most private lenders are successful business people who have transitioned to the world of finance because they actually understand the needs of small business owners and want to provide a more efficient method of helping entrepreneurs achieve success. SBA lending through a private financier reduced the red tape, so small business owners can get the funding they need, when they need it – without delays.

SBA Lending Tailored to Your Needs

At Nanaki Capital, we work with small business owners directly to understand their needs, and tailor a small business loan strategy to help them reach their goals. All processing is performed in-house to eliminate the red tape and business owners the funding they need quickly and efficiently. If you own a business and need financing customized to your requirements, talk to the team at Nanaki Capital. Our experts specialize in SBA lending programs to ensure small business owners experience long-term success. Contact Nanaki Capital today to get started, and get your own piece of the pie.

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