Finding Positive Business Partnerships

Business partnerships can have a positive impact on your organization to help enact change and propel you towards success. But before jumping into a professional relationship, there are a few things you should look for in business partnerships.

The Financial Situation

Business partnerships are usually based around financials. Does the prospective partner have assets and positive cash flow, or are they bringing debt to the deal? While the financial situation is important to any business partnership, it is not the be-all and end-all to an ongoing relationship. Business owners need to look deeper to find a beneficial partnership.

Intangible Qualities

Potential business partnerships can be based on intangible qualities as well. Some partnerships find their strengths in similar philosophies and goals. When two or more people have a similar vision for a business or its impact on a community, a strong partnership can be formed. Each person can bring their unique skills to the table so that while there is one unified goal, the approach can be handled on different fronts.

Rethinking Partnerships between Businesses

For the past few years, businesses have struck up lucrative partnerships by offering complementary products and services that work well together, so that customers can get more for their money. We see this with mobile carrier services that partner with companies that make phones and tablets. Similar partnerships can occur on a local level, as with a community grocery store and local bakery, or a dry cleaning service and a tailor. The combinations are virtually endless. All it takes is creativity and a sense of community. Some local partnerships align so well that they end up forming successful mergers.

Check Your Emotions at the Door

The number one obstacle in business partnerships is not money, but emotions. Enthusiasm is great, but becoming emotionally invested in plans can lead to sunk cost fallacies which can strain relationships. In our previous article on ethics, we discussed honesty and leadership. Being enthusiastic in a business partnership can lead to successful results, but both parties also need to remain somewhat dispassionate and recognize when a certain avenue or project is not yielding results, so everyone involved can change course for the well-being of the partnership and the business as a whole.

If you utilize the key points listed above, you will be able to find a partnership that can have a positive impact on your business, your employees, your customers, and your community.

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