Empathy: An Important Value in Business and in Life

Empathy is how people understand one another and how we help each other find solutions and overcome obstacles. Sometimes empathy can be as simple as stopping and truly listening to othera so we can gain perspective on where they have been, what they are currently experiencing, and where they want to be. Empathy is necessary for success and strong relationships in business as well as our personal lives.

Empathy in Business

Empathy takes many forms in business. It gives us a deeper understanding of the needs of our employees. Empathy also helps businesses in making their products and services more accessible in functionality and pricing to reach a wider audience. Recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all types showed an empathetic awareness in how they dealt with customers. They minimized contact and found ways to deliver products safely because the needs of the immunocompromized and other at-risk populations came to the forefront. Businesses that made the switch in their practices were employing empathy to understand the needs and struggles of people.

Empathy starts with realizing that not everyone is the same. Employees have different abilities; businesses have different goals; customers have different needs; and we need to find a common ground to make successful progress. Taking a cookie-cutter approach to business and personal life will not yield positive results. Listening leads to understanding. Understanding leads to innovation. Innovation leads to solutions, and that opens the door to long-term success. Empathy allows businesses and people to be more inclusive, and helps us all reach our goals efficiently without marginalizing others. Empathy allows for different perspectives, which can change how we approach situations for improved results. While empathy is one of the cornerstones for business and personal relationships, it seems to be lacking in almost every facet of our society. We could all benefit from applying a little more empathy in our daily interactions.

During these challenging times, the team at Nanaki Capital is committed to bringing empathy to the forefront in providing a supportive shoulder to small businesses to access business funding. Contact us for ideas on how best we can achieve and support your business growth.

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