Restaurant Financing Solutions and Options

Restaurant owners know how challenging it can be to maintain and grow operations past those critical first three years. For a restaurant to be successful, it requires equipment, staff, advertising, reliable vendors and suppliers, and of course a good location. All of these factors boil down to a need for capital, and there are restaurant financing solutions available to ensure long-term success.

SBA Loans

SBA loans are frequently used to finance restaurants because of how versatile the programs are. SBA loans can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as working capital, equipment, large assets, and even commercial real estate. The Small Business Administration sets the guidelines for the underwriting process, but the type of lender you choose for an SBA loan can make all the difference. Traditional lending channels have a chain of command which can delay the approval and processing of SBA loans. Select private lenders, on the other hand, can perform approvals and processing in-house for fast and efficient funding.

Equipment Options for Restaurants

Purchasing equipment and industrial appliances out of pocket usually comes with a hefty price tag. To assist with this, there are equipment financing programs for everything from kitchen and bar equipment to tables and fixtures. Equipment financing programs are even accessible to restaurant owners with less-than-perfect credit. Additionally, there are equipment leasing agreements which give restaurants access to the equipment they need at affordable monthly installments, with options to purchase or even upgrade equipment depending on the terms of the agreement.

Commercial Real Estate for Restaurants

With very few exceptions, restaurants need a physical location, and most restaurant owners prefer to purchase commercial real estate to expand their equity. In addition to SBA loan mentioned above, there are a number of commercial real estate financing solutions available to restaurant owners to purchase the property they want to maximize visibility and foot traffic. From conventional loans to CMBS Conduit Loans, equity and mezzanine financing, and even construction loans for specific designs and build-outs, restaurant owners can get the venue of their dreams.

Learn More about Restaurant Financing

Nanaki Capital offers the most comprehensive financing solutions for restaurants. We have options for working capital, equipment, real estate, and unsecured lines of credit. If you are launching a new restaurant or expanding your existing restaurant, talk to the team at Nanaki Capital today and ask about our financing programs.

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