Patience: Taking a Deep Breath to Reflect and Reconsider

As business and personal lives become faster-paced, we often forget the importance of patience. Technology and advances in commerce have given us all an unspoken entitlement – professionally and personally – so we expect changes, results, and items to be delivered as soon as humanly possible. This sense of immediacy can lead to circumstances where quality falls to the wayside, and we place undue pressure on ourselves and those around us. Practicing patience can grant us the ability to see situations with more clarity, and give us the insight we need to make decisions and understand the larger picture.

The Benefits of Practicing Patience

In a world that seems to require snap decisions and responses at every turn, the reality is that very few things in life need to be handled immediately. In most cases, rushing into a decision can yield less-than-optimal results, or have messy consequences down the line. By pausing to take a breath, you can consider your actions more clearly, and weigh the impact they will have on your business, your life, the lives of our employees, and even your community at large. Reflecting on your intentions allows you to see beyond yourself, so you can gain perspective to how you and your business fit into the bigger picture. What may seem good right now may have negative effects further down the line for yourself and others. Patience is the key to strategic planning and decision-making.

Patience also plays a key role in how we interact with others. We often place expectations on others based on our own skills and knowledge. We must remember that not everyone works at the same speed, and not everyone magically knows how to do everything. Quality results and strong relationships take time and patience. Additionally, patience gives us a moment to reflect on our past experiences, and apply them to future successes.

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