Capital When You Need It With Merchant Cash Advance

When your business is in need, especially when economic stability determines its fortune, there are times when finding financing can be challenging. At Nanaki Capital, we realize how difficult this can be, and find that a merchant cash advance is often the best way to make discretionary funds available. As an alternative to traditional loans, advances can help get you back on your feet or prepare you for future success.

Leaving the Loan Alone

A merchant cash advance is not like conventional financing. Instead of jumping through hoops that standard loans require, this alternative takes a portion of future earnings through credit card transactions in exchange for capital now. There are a variety of benefits, including:

  • No need for perfect credit
  • Discretionary spending
  • No application fees, closing costs or fixed payments
  • No required collateral and limited paperwork
  • Get capital quickly
  • Simple payback procedures

When it comes to your business, you know best. Merchant cash advances can give you access to funds upwards of $200,000 per location. That’s funding you can use for equipment purchases, payroll, or whatever your business needs.

If you have had difficulty getting approved for loans elsewhere, Nanaki Capital can get you the financing you require. Contact us today for more information, and let us help make your business a success.